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Our Affiliate Program Equals Passive Revenue

Gifts and donations can be difficult to come by

and unreliable especially for new groups that are just getting started. Maybe your an action group trying to fund something urgent like H.B.2. Maybe your a group that wants to respond to a crisis, or you’re a nonprofit of any kind. Whether you are somewhat established or launching your first fundraiser, we can contribute to your cash flow through our affiliate program.

It’s sort of a large bodies theory- meaning that the larger your planet is, the more and larger satellites that planet can hold in its orbit and in this case – donors and gift givers are your satellites, of which there may only be the occasional asteroid.

Partnering with companies like ApuforLIFE, or countless other companies that partner with nonprofits to give donations or sponsorships, can and should be a part of your overall fundraising strategy.


Why Join Us?


  • If you have a website or blog, you can place our ads and every time a new customer clicks on the ad or link and ends up making a purchase, you will get paid*.
  • Whenever your customer returns and shops with us again, you will receive a commission. Your customers will only have to connect through an ad once. After that, you will receive a commission for every purchase made by that customer for a period of 120 days.
  • Custom banners! We can make custom ads that include your organization’s logo and are made especially for you. Your leads will know that they’re purchases at ApuforLIFE are going to help the nonprofit they love.
  • Not a webmaster? Don’t let that stop you. If you contribute to a blog and have permission to include links, we can provide links to our shop that will be your personal affiliate embed codes.
  • Allergic to computers? Anybody in your organization can use a custom coupon code. You’re coupon code can be passed on at any time, face to face. Use word of mouth marketing to raise money with us.
  • It’s absolutely free to become an affiliate.

Get started with a new income source-

What is the next step? Start the application process now.

Our focus is to provide our affiliate service to nonprofits and other groups who are working to accomplish something beyond just making a buck. That is why we screen applicants to our program.

Our application process is simple. Just follow this link, fill out the form and in the message section, tell us about your organization and/or your mission. We will review your application and if approved we will send you a link to our affiliate sign up page. From there you will have access to your own affiliate dashboard where you can track your commissions, check the performance of your links and much more. You will also receive a complete library of tutorials to get you started.


Become An Affiliate – It’s Absolutely Free. Cancel At Any Time.



It's Free To Join - Apply Today


This may be one of the only affiliate programs geared specifically toward partnering with charities and nonprofits. Be a part of our win-win model. Customers get products they need, nonprofits raise funds and ApuforLIFE earns enough to make the project sustainable.


All the best,


Program Equals Passive Revenue

*Affiliate commissions must reach a value of $20 before payouts begin.