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Advertising for Smaller E-Commerce Shops Can Help You 


It may appear that Nonprofits are well funded.  After all, nonprofits in the US in 2012 accounted for 5.4% of the national gross domestic product”.  Private Ivy League Universities like Stanford and Harvard are nonprofits and so are the majority of hospitals in the US.(1)  

While massive money guzzling institutions like these capture charitable donations in drag nets, often the nonprofits doing the hardest work in the most afflicted communities are struggling to make modest improvements to the quality of services they offer their communities.


That’s Where We Come In


Our small e-commerce store can give you a fundraising edge and strengthen your communities at the same time.

While frequent online shoppers are well acquainted with their trusted shops and look to the trusted e-tailers like Amazon and Ebay, WalMart and Sears, Etsy and iHerb, many customers are increasingly searching for a more intimate, branded experience online that supports their personal interests and affinities.


That’s why affiliate accounts that feed and give back value to your communities are so different and so important.  By shopping online with ApuforLife and our e-commerce stores, you can make your real physical communities and neighborhoods even stronger.


By rallying your community and your email lists to make purchases at one of our stores, you will be actively investing in a reliable, low maintenance source of income that can help achieve your dreams. We currently have shops in three niches. Find one you would like to promote and get started!   We can even make the store “your store” with your logo for your customers.  Your supporters will have little doubt that they are in the right place when they can clearly see that your nonprofit is the beneficiary of their purchases.  Who wouldn’t be happy to help raise money for the charity they love?


Why Our E-Commerce Stores Are Niche Specific


Our model is constantly evolving.  Niche stores convert better and are much easier to target.  For example, if your org. works with homeless veterans, we have a shop just right for you.  Are you a women’s shelter?  We are building stores that will fit the communities you serve.

For you, as a non-profit or individual interested in tapping into the potential of e-commerce for your non-profit, there is a path that will allow you to take a piece of this $300 billion dollar industry, and the membership is free!


HERE’S HOW: Send Customers From Your Community to an E-store and Start Reaping the Benefits of E-Commerce from Your Already Warm Customer Base.


ApuforLIFE Offers The Following E-Commerce Stores To Promote:



Choose from our available stores to promote whichever store is the best fit for your organisation.


When you join as an affiliate, you will receive links, banners and more tools for the shop of your choosing.  And you will become one of many nonprofits that are willing to take the initiative to go for that next upgrade to your facility, that next outreach program that is desperately needed or the hiring of additional staff.


Don’t See What You’re Looking For?
You know your community better than we do.  If you want to share any ideas with us for a store that could be more appealing to your community base, we would LOVE to hear about it.  With your feedback, we can work toward building the best & highest converting shop to increase your earnings.  Contact us and let us know what you think!