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Time for a Few More Questions?

Questions for Our Nonprofit Partners: How to Connect with Your Needs?

This questionnaire is provided is In order to gather information from NonProfit businesses that will help up build our stores so that your customers will shop with us again and again, allowing you to earn repeated commissions from just a little bit of work.  We have our ideas about what works… what about you?

What are some important features of an online shopping experience for you and your community base?

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Tiered Recruiter Questionnaire

This business is all about connecting with and helping underfunded Nonprofits across the United States. And that’s why I need your help.  

If the below applies to you, then please, take this opportunity!

  • You are a compassionate activist who wants to make money recruiting nonprofits to join this free program.
  • You are interested in earning 3% of all sales that are generated by the Nonprofits you recruit.
  • If you sign up 6 nonprofits, that is an earning opportunity roughly equal to an 18% commission.

What do you want to know before signing up with us as a Tiered Recruiter affiliate?

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I'm Justin

Life is a long, strange journey. After being involved with social and environmental justice efforts in the 90's and 2000's, I spent about 12 years in the art, film and fashion industries. Realizing that business had the potential to do so much good, I left my job in Tokyo to start ApuforLife. I'm still in Tokyo today with my family. But my business is in the US and it's all about helping to solve some of America's most intractable problems.

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