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Our aim is to help underfunded nonprofits raise money for extra beds, better outreach and new programs to serve their communities. Find out about our Affiliate programs.

ApuforLife Currently owns and Operates Three Ecommerce Stores.

 Choose a Store, grab your links and banners and begin making commissions.

Sign up as an affiliate and earn 20% on product sales from any customer you refer.  Continue to earn 20% for a generous 2 years every time that customer shops!

Which Shop is Right for Your Base?

We Currently have Camping Gear and Outdoor Supplies, Health, Beauty and Wellness Gifts, and a General Gifts and Deals Site.  Our product offerings are an ever evolving process.  We look forward to your feedback and ideas- with your help we will continue to evolve.

Share Value With Companies That Care – Use Revenue To Address Your Community’s Deepest Problems

Maximum Sharing

ApuforLife is a small company with a vision to offer nonprofits a big opportunity.  When Amazon Smiles is paying next to nothing and many iGive businesses aren’t doing much better, it’s good to know that you will get 20% of every sale when you refer a customer to our gift shops.


What Your Nonprofit Earns PerSale...

Giving is an act of love - ApuforLife

Small Networks of Community

Businesses need to advertise and nonprofits need to fundraise. Most businesses look to major social media outlets like Facebook and huge search engines like Google Adwords to drive traffic, but what if there was another way. What if businesses could find common cause with nonprofits and keep our dollars where they are most needed: critical services for the poor, the abused and the forgotten.


Chronically Homeless


Domestic Abuse Victims Receiving Medical Care

Seriously, if you have questions, just contact us.

Affiliate accounts are classified as Commercial co-ventures, which are much easier to get started with than commercial fundraisers for example. Regulations vary from state to state. Apuforlife has done the research on our end and will make sure that we are in compliance with State filing requirements.

Are You A Marketer? Come Get Involved in Our Incentive Program!

Join as an affiliate, invite nonprofits to join and gain access to all our products. Earn commission increases through account signups!

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